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CalComp Tablet Setup for AutoCAD


Setup Instructions for AutoCAD 12, 13, 14, & 2000
CalComp 16 button AutoCAD offers two modes of communicating with the tablet: Tablet and Digitizer. In tablet mode, the digitizer's active area matches the current AutoCAD display window. In Digitizer mode, the active area matches specific coordinates in your drawing.

AutoCAD 2000-2011 supports Wintab-compatible digitizers. In the past, it supported digitizers with ADI drivers. Before installing a digitizer, check with the manufacturer to make sure you have the most current Wintab drivers. The driver software enables you to configure the number of buttons, motion speed, and so forth. The first button for both the mouse and digitizer is reserved as the pick button. Buttons are defined in the BUTTONS sections in the AutoCAD acad.mns file. Look in the sample drawing folder for a DWG version of the traditional, but now discontinued, plastic digitizer template.
AutoCAD 2011 Tablet Issue ***FIXED

AutoCAD 2010 User Documentation
Drivers CalComp Tabletworks

1. Tracing or digitizing coordinates to transfer a drawing into AutoCAD requires the free TabletWorks driver which can be downloaded here:

2. If you intend to set up multiple zones for a menu template on the tablet, you will need to purchase the Wintab 1.1 Driver from Digitizer Technology The driver is $65.00 with a 30-Day Trial Download. - Wintab 1.1

  calcomp cad tabletCalComp Digitizing Tablets

You can use the puck or stylus of a CalComp tablet as a pointing device, or you can trace a paper drawing into a file. A digitizing tablet, or digitizer, is a peripheral device that can be used to trace paper drawings into a drawing file or to choose commands from a digitizing tablet overlay. With the Wintab driver, the tablet pointer can also be used instead of a mouse as a system pointer to choose menu items and drawing objects or to interact with the operating system. The tablet pointer can be a puck or a stylus. The digitizing tablet must first be configured and then can optionally be calibrated.

When the tablet is configured, portions of the tablet surface are designated as menu areas and a screen-pointing area. When the tablet is calibrated, it can be used to trace geometry from an existing paper drawing or photograph into a drawing. You can easily switch between using the tablet uncalibrated as a system pointer (Tablet mode off) or calibrated for digitizing a drawing (Tablet mode on).

calcomp digitizer On. Turns on Tablet mode. If you want to digitize points into the program, you cannot use a fixed screen area. There is a one-to-one correspondence between the digitizer and the drawing when tablet mode is on (depending on the calibration). (Before turning on the tablet, you must calibrate it.)

Off. Turns off tablet mode and returns to screen pointing with the tablet; as if the digitizer was a normal pointing device (mouse). (You can press CTRL+T to toggle tablet mode on and off.)

Calibrate. Calibrates the digitizer to the coordinate system of a paper drawing or an image (for example, a photograph). After calibration, you can digitize points on a drawing or photograph as X,Y coordinates. You can perform calibration in model space or paper space. (Tablet calibration is effective only for the current session because the settings are not saved. If you want to continue to digitize after you restart the program, you need to perform the calibration again.)
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Enable Digitizer Tablet in Options:
Current Pointing Device

Controls options that relate to the pointing device.

Current Pointing Device

Displays a list of the available pointing device drivers.
• Current System Pointing Device: Sets the system pointing device as current.
• Wintab Compatible Digitizer: Sets the Wintab-compatible digitizer as current.

Accept Input From

Specifies whether the program accepts input from both a mouse and a digitizer or ignores mouse input when a digitizer is set.

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