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GTCO Super-L Digitizers - New & Refurbished Models

The Super-L VI™ by GTCO CalComp is the world's best selling Hardboard digitizer. The Super-L is WinTab compatible and used by Construction Estimators, CAD operators, Textiles and other Manufacturers. The GTCO Super-L Series is available with corded or cordless pointing devices and many size options.

gtco super video  What's in the Box
- GTCO Super L VI Digitizer Tablet
- One Super L VI Pointing Device
- CD & User's Manual for Super L
- USB Cable
- Deluxe Plan Hold Down Arm
- QuikRuler LCD Module
- Digitizer Stand: Dakota or Chapparal
- Mounting Brackets - For Pedestals

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  Active Area (inches) Footprint (inches) Weight (lbs) Price (USD)    
  2024 20 x 24 29.0 x 34.0 13 $2,095.00 buy  
  2436 24 x 36 32.5 x 46.0 19 $2,395.00 super l gtco  
  3036 30 x 36 35.3 x 44.5 19 $2,395.00 gtco digitizer  
  3648 36 x 48 44.5 x 60.0 30 $2,795.00 super l digitizer  
  4460 44 x 60 52.5 x 69.0 40 $3,195.00 super l digitizer  
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  • Digitizer models are listed by the size of the "Active Area". The actual "Footprint" is larger and can be found in the brochure for each specific digitizer model.
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  • Trade-in Program – You may qualify for a trade-in on a new digitizer even if your digitizer is non-functioning.
  • Look at Refurbished Super L Models with 12-Month Warranty - Refurbished GTCO Super L


Super-L Digitizer Requirements

Computer (not required if connecting to a QuikRuler) - The Super L Digitizer will connect to most any PC with a serial port or USB port. The digitizer uses the TabletWorks driver which is included with the digitizer. TabletWorks is a WinTab application which will operate with any digitizer application.

Digitizer Software (not required if connecting to a QuikRuler) - If you are currently using a design, estimating, takeoff, or CAD/CAM application, contact your software vendor to ask if the application contains a digitizer module or functionality. Intermediary applications can be used to create files for importing into your current package if it does not contain a digitizer module or digitizer functionality. See our list of common applications with digitizer functionality: List

QuikRuler - The QuikRuler Measuring Module can be used with a computer or independently. If used with a computer, quantities can be imported to excel with a simple click on the digitizer menu template. The QuikRuler is a box which can be placed on or around the Super L Digitizer. The QuikRuler reads the x,y coordinates sent from the digitizer and displays quantities (Length, Area, Perimeter, Counts) on an LCD screen. Custom scales and standard scales are supported and the QuikRuler will also perform area takeout (Subtraction) functions. ...More

Digitizer Placement (Desk, Drafting Table, Pedestal, Digitizer Workstation) - Digitizers may be placed on the top of a desk or drafting table. Hardboard digitizers come with two small feet which can be screwed into the sliders on any of the four sides of the digitizer. The feet help to tilt the board up slightly (Approx.  4”) so the control panel is not resting on the surface below. Smaller models like the 2024, 2436, 3036 are small enough to place on most desks. Large format models like the 3648 and 4460 usually require a large drafting table, pedestal, or digitizer work station. Larger format models require more tilt than smaller models. The tilt allows the user to more easily reach the opposite side of the digitizer with the pointer. A pedestal or digitizer workstation can be bundled  with a Super L Digitizer. ...More

Pointing Devices (Also referred to as: Pucks, Transducer, Digitizer Mouse, Pen) - The Super L Digitizer works with corded or cordless pointers.  The corded pointers will read through one inch of material to the surface of the digitizer while the cordless versions will read through .4 inches.

Three styles of pointing devices: Pen Stylus, 4 Button Cursor, 16 Button Cursor.

Pen Stylus - Most commonly used for point-to-point takeoffs and the easiest pointer to use. Points are selected by pushing down with the pen so the tip is depressed (clicks). The Pen Stylus can also be used to trace by dragging the pen while keeping the tip depressed. The pen also has two side buttons which can be used to perform different functions depending on your software application. Accuracy can vary slightly depending on the angle of the pen when the user is using the digitizer. Patented technology inside the Pen Stylus corrects for most variation caused by the angle of the pen at contact.

Cursor (Puck, Digitizer Mouse) - The cursor is also preferred by users who have to trace contour lines because they are easier to follow with the crosshairs in the cursor magnifying window than with the pen stylus. The cursor is usually more precise because the angle of the contact does not vary. This level of accuracy is more important with very large engineering scales and also with high accuracy digitizer units.

The only difference between the 4 Button version and the 16 Button version is the number of buttons. Some users prefer the larger number of buttons because it allows them to program more functions to operate their digitizer software without using the computer mouse. (Example: AutoCAD)

gtco super l brochure

Look at Refurbished Super L Models with 12-Month Warranty - Refurbished GTCO Super L


Super L VI™ by GTCO CalComp