GTCO CalComp Digitizers
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GTCO CalComp Digitizers

  gtco digitizer tablet GTCO Roll-Up Digitizer
Engineered with Redundant Grid Technology™ substantially improving the durability and ruggedness of this GTCO Digitizer, making it the only choice for true portable use. Native USB connectivity allows power to be supplied via USB port. Installation is quick and easy. More...
digitizer gtco calcomp
gtco calcomp
GTCO Super-L Digitizer
Next generation of well-known Super-L Series family of GTCO digitizer tablets that set standards in large format digitizing. Professionals in construction estimating, CAD, textiles and other fields will appreciate added flexibility and improved performance. More...
cad tablet
calcomp drawingboard
CalComp DrawingBoard Digitizer
Designed for high accuracy CAD, GIS, Engineering, the DrawingBoard Digitizer Series is the design professional’s choice in large-format digitizer tablets. The DrawingBoard Digitizer also works with a variety of cursors and stylus pens. More...
construction takeoff
  tables pedestals Digitizer Pedestals and Workstations
Made for the GTCO CalComp Digitizer, These pedestals take up no more room than the larger digitizers themselves. The structure for monitor and printer arm suspension requires less than two square feet of additional floor space, yet provides a solid platform. Optional adjusting casters provide a stable and mobile working surface. More...

GTCO CalComp Drivers are almost always included for free with a GTCO digitizer. In addition to software drivers, all GTCO CalComp digitizers require either the QuikRuler or some type of desktop software to operate. Digitizer software applications vary according to the user's industry and include: AutoCAD, Timberline, Agtek, PayDirt, StyleCAD, Maxwell Quest, MC2, QuickPen, MasterBuilder, WinEst, Edge, and many others. See comprehensive list. VectorteC carries three versions of Takeoff Software that will work with a digitizer to give you a graphical representation of your takeoff on the computer screen. The QuikRuler does not require a computer or software.

Hardboard or Roll-Up GTCO Digitizer - Roll-Up GTCO Digitizers are portable, so if you are going to be moving the digitizer from office to office or to the jobsite, you may want to consider a GTCO Roll-Up Digitizer. However, a hardboard GTCO Digitizer will read though one inch of plans while a Roll-Up Digitizer will read through a half inch.


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