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Ziatek ® RoofDraw is a powerful takeoff tool for roofing contractors that does not require an expensive digitizer to operate. It allows the operator to draw an accurate, 3D image of simple to complex roofs from field measurements or dimensions from drawings. The data are easy to input. In addition to providing results that usually require a complicated CAD program, (and this application is SIMPLE!), Ziatek ® RoofDraw produces all of the critical takeoff quantities, and interfaces to any WindowsT program that might be used for pricing a roofing estimate.
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Bid more work and get more work!
- Any pitch value can be used.
- Angles are input with a single click.
- Hip and Valley lengths are automatically computed.
- Point-to-point drawing and filleting.
- Built-in calculator.
- Lengths of each edge type is shownon the screen.
- A 3D perspective view of the roof can be rotated

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