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SummaSketch III Professional

SummaSketch Digitizing Tablets, Replacement Parts, Refurished Units, and Support.
Documentation and Drivers for the SummaSketch Digitizer Tablet.
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  The award-winning SummaSketch III comes with everything you need for fast and accurate digitizing, tracing, drawing, illustrating, cursor steering and menu picking with your CAD and graphics programs. SummaSketch III is compatible with over 400 software programs— more than any other tablet available today. SummaSketch III features an ergonomic, wedge-shape design and tilt adjustment that makes working comfortable and non-fatiguing. A recessed template or artwork area and transparent overlay hold your work securely.

A choice of pen stylus, 4-button or 16-button cursor allow you to select the best configuration for your needs. SummaSketch tablets provide high accuracy and proximity sensing of up to one-half inch, which means that you can trace images even through thick material. Standard equipment includes the tablet, your choice of cursor or pen, drivers and utilities, interface cables and more. With SummaSketch III, you’re ready to go.

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